Movable Feast is a socially engaged art and food project to promote “Food System Change,” and a literal and metaphoric vehicle that advocates for building a healthier regional food system. The project provides a visual and culinary catalyst for discussing, highlighting and disseminating information about healthy community-based food practices in Western Massachusetts’ diverse communities.

Disparities in access to healthy foods remain an important challenge today, contributing to obesity and other related health problems. However, there are strategies being implemented across the country to address this issue and this project seeks to become part of this growing movement.

The retrofitted mobile food service trailer at the center of this project is an advocacy tool for healthy eating, local food production and sustainability. At each of its stops, informational presentations, informal performances, and vegetarian fare are all combined to expand conventional notions of food, people, place and the potential for engaged public art to be a catalyst for change.

Joseph Krupczynski

We gratefully acknowledge our community partners in this project: Nuestras Raices Inc. of Holyoke, a grass-roots organization that promotes economic, human and community development through projects relating to food, agriculture, and the environment; The Holyoke Food and Fitness Policy Council whose mission is to create and sustain a more healthy and vibrant Holyoke through the development of programs, policies, community leadership and advocacy; The Holyoke Health Center; Chartwells; Holyoke Housing Authority; Food For Thought Books Amherst; Tuesday Market, Northampton. Special thanks to our talented chefs; Ana Jaramillo at the Holyoke Health Center & O’brian Tomalin from Sierra Grille in Northampton.

Diego Angarita of Nuestras Raices has provided committed support, and UMass graduate student James Fiore has been instrumental in making this project a reality.

The University Gallery expresses its special thanks to the following people and organizations that have made this project possible: Joseph Krupczynski / studio projects; The Art Angels; The Graduate Dean’s Office; the University Public Art Committee at UMass; UMass Arts Council; Museums 10, Bassette Printing; Eco-Products Inc.; and the Massachusetts Cultural Council