Holyoke / La Finca

Nuestras Raices’ 17th annual Harvest Festival in Holyoke was the latest stop for Movable Feast. We were located at the North end of the Maple Grove festival area, just across from the main stage –and a great spot to catch the excellent musicians playing Plena and Musica Jibara, the mountain village music of Puerto Rico. Ana Jaramillo, our Holyoke-based chef was on hand to give out information about Movable Feast and the healthy eating programs of the Holyoke Food and Fitness Policy Council (HFFPC) and the Holyoke Health Center, where she is the Child & Adolescent Health & Wellness Coordinator. I’ve been coming to the festival for the last few years and it is always a fantastic community event that is not only a celebration of Latino/a culture and its agrarian roots –but an opportunity to share information about the environmental and educational well-being of the Latino/a community in Holyoke. It was another beautiful day, and we focused on education today while some of the youth from Nuestras Raices’ FEEST (Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team) program helped staff the trailer and paraded around in their vegetable costumes to promote our goals of healthy eating. We also became the support structure for a HFFPC created community survey about healthy food, food access and what people would like to see more of on the farm, which was accompanied by our “drawing table” where kids drew their favorite healthy foods.

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